Light/Dark tiled Irish bouzouki

Light/Dark tiled Irish bouzouki

This Irish bouzouki was made based a binding and rosette theme I had used on a parlor guitar, with an interplay of dark and light forming a ribbon pattern.  Each tile of the binding and rosette were individually cut and glued into position.  Owned by Kathi O’Leary, this bouzouki has a Western red cedar top, birch sides and back, mahogany neck, and ebony/maple tiles for the binding and rosette.

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To listen to this bouzouki, click on the following YouTube pages:

A Bit of Ginger performed by Debby Ackley and Kathi O’Leary on Irish bouzoukis

A Red-haired Boy performed by Kathi O’Leary and Debby Ackley on Irish bouzoukis

Lord of the Dance performed by Kathi O’Leary on an Irish bouzouki

Sheebeg and Sheemore by Kathi O’Leary and Debby Ackley on a parlor guitar and Irish bouzouki