Harbor seal themed Irish bouzouki

This Irish bouzouki was created on commission for David Roon of Moscow, Idaho. The theme has a harbor seal of David’s design on the headstock. On the fingerboard are a stylized wave on the upper portion, a paddle in the water in the middle portion, and kelp on the lower fingerboard and rosette. The top is Western red cedar and the back and sides are of birch. The neck is a laminate of quilted cherry and maple with a maple headstock and rosewood overlay. The fingerboard is Indian rosewood and the rosette and heel endcap are walnut. The bridge was made from holly.

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Neck inlays.Harbor seal inlayStylized wave inlay.Canoe paddle inlayKelp inlay on rosette and fingerboard










Front view of bodySide view of bodyBack view of birch bodyBack of laminated neck





















David Roon is a University of Idaho professor in the College of Natural Resources, but also an artist and musician.  His website can be checked out at the following link: http://www.kohaku-river.net/index.html

David plays his bouzouki at the Moscow Food Coop at the following link:


And plays sets of reels and jigs at these links:

David Roon plays a set of 3 Irish Reels including Father Kelly’s Reel on an Irish bouzouki

David Roon plays a set of three Irish jigs including Rambling Pitchfork on an Irish bouzouki

David Roon plays a set of three Irish jigs including Rose in the Heather on an Irish Bouzouki



Scale = 22 17/64 (25″ scale minus first two frets)

Nut width = 1 35/64 (35mm)

String width = 1 9/64

Headstock nut to tip = 6 1/2

Headstock width = 2 18/32

Headstock thickness =  1/2 (includes rosewood facing)

Frets: 20

Width at 12 fret = 1 11/16

Saddle string width = 1 11/16

Neck thickness before heel without fingerboard = 3/4

Neck stands above body at pocket = 9/32

Neck joins body at the 13th fret

Mortise dimensions = 20mm X 20mm

Body thickness at neck join = 3 3/32

Body thickness at tail = 3 15/32

Body width at neck join = 1 3/4

Body width at bout = 13 13/16

Total body length =  15 3/4

Soundhole diameter =  3 3/16

Rosette width =  19/32

From 20th fret to bottom of bouzouki = 12 1/8

From 20th fret to top of bridge = 6 7/8

From 20th fret to bottom of bridge = 8 1/4

Width of bridge = 5 3/16

Top edge of bridge to top edge of saddle = 5/32

Saddle width = 3/16

Neck thickness at nut (with fingerboard) = 7/8