Hi, I’m Dave Ackley.

I started making guitars around 15 years ago, beginning with a guitar kit and soon learning the skills required to build the different components for a complete guitar.  I have since built many electric guitars and a bass, and have made acoustic parlor guitars, Irish bouzoukis, and tenor ukuleles.  My electric guitars are equipped with self-wound single coil, P-90, or humbucking  passive pickups.  I enjoy the detail work that goes into crafting a fine instrument, and especially like producing decorative inlay.

I try to utilize local woods as much as possible and have supplies of birch and Western red cedar from Northern Idaho,  and maple, myrtle and holly from Oregon.

A little about me.

I grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, and moved down to Juneau in 1969 where I lived until 2007.  I retired from a career in biometrics with the State of Alaska and fisheries management with the National Marine Fisheries Service in 2007 and moved to Moscow, Idaho.  I have been working in a small shop in my home, but have recently built a shop near Deary, Idaho, and most of my production will be moved to that location.