New guitar

Late last year I began working on this guitar, and am getting back to it now.  It has a theme based around wine and has a wine glass on the fingerboard, and the body will have grapes and grape leaves.  Here is a picture of the carving in progress.








The headstock is still in progress, but has a wine bottle with my logo inlaid into it.








And the fingerboard has a glass of wine as an inlay.  I still need to shape the back of the neck and fret the fingerboard.








It took longer than I expected to complete the shaping and final sanding of the grapes and grape leaves.  The neck is now completed and ready for finish.








I used a concoction of boiled rushes to dye the grape leaves green, and it ended up being a very subtle color tending to the more yellow side of green.  For the stems I used tea which also ended up being very light, and for the grapes I boiled down some Chianti wine which did a very good job of staining the birch.








Final finish being applied.










The guitar is complete and waiting for me to wind the pickups and install them.










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