Bouzouki with a harbor seal and marine theme

I’m working on a bouzouki  for a local musician who wanted the theme to be based around a harbor seal and the marine environment.  We came up with a concept, and the focal point will be the seal drawing that he had created.  I’ve added stylized waves, a paddle and sea kelp.

I am going to make two bodies for the bouzouki, so that he can choose whether he prefers a Western red cedar, or Sitka spruce top.

The following are posts of various stages of inlay of the neck and the rosette.

The harbor seal drawing and basic inlay pieces.  This will be on the headstock:




A stylized wave with pieces ready to be inlaid into the fretboard.




Two rosettes in varying degrees of completion.






Completed inlay of kelp ribbons on the fretboard, and the finished rosette – note that the walnut for the rosette will darken significantly when finish is applied.










This is the finished fingerboard.

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